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Website Copy Writing

You run a great business, you are an expert in your field and you want an effective website.

iNet knows that it is one thing to attract visitors to your website, it is another thing to have them stay on the site and then make the decision to contact you or purchase your products.

You attract visitors through a combination of good search marketing and the look of your site.  You keep visitors by a combination of look, ease of use, functionality and content.

Many businesses underestimate the importance of well-written, targeted content on a website.  A website must have content that says to a visitor “read me” and then “buy me.”

A typical scenario is that a website is professionally developed for a business and then content is provided by the business owner (who fits the job in among the 101 other things that need to be done at the time) or the content is designated to someone in the business who has a “few minutes to spare.”  

This often leads to:
  • Content that is inward looking focussing on the business rather than the customer – written from the business’s perspective rather than what the typical reader wants to know.
  • “Not seeing the wood for the trees” – because the writer is so intimately involved with the business it is difficult to be objective about content and messages.
  • Too much content and losing the visitors’ interest.
  • Lack of clarity and sales focus – not maximising the opportunities that the website presents.
  • Inconsistent messages and language, particularly where there is more than one writer.
  • Inconsistent structure in the way messages are delivered – the website content can appear piecemeal.
  • Content that is too technical and which includes industry jargon.
  • The need to re-write and re-hash content sooner rather than later.

At iNet we offer an expert copywriting service that ensures that you avoid these pitfalls and that your website will have the wow factor when it comes to marketing your business online.  It is nothing less than your business deserves.

Taking into account the points above and the cost of your time, having a professionally-written website is very cost effective and affordable.  We also have no doubt that you will achieve a better overall result.

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