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Static / Brochure Websites

Does your business offer a reasonably static product or service range?

Are you just starting out in business and your budgets are constrained?

If so a static website or a brochure website might be the right online solution for your business.

Static Websites

Static websites can be any number of pages and can be customised and built to suit your needs.  Static websites cannot be easily updated or altered once they are live and any changes need to be done by iNet or another qualified programmer.

Brochure Websites

Brochure websites generally contain 5 or less pages and are designed to showcase your products or services on the internet and reflect your traditional printed brochure.  Brochure websites cannot be simply updated.

Both types of website generally don’t accommodate ecommerce and don’t usually feature interactivity.

At iNet we are expert in creating customised static and brochure websites for our clients across all nature of businesses or associations.  iNet static and brochure websites give your business substance and appeal on the internet at a very affordable cost.

Importantly at iNet we focus on providing the right website option for each of our clients, we discuss your requirements now and in the future, we simply don’t just sell one of our website options.  If we believe that a static or brochure website is right for your needs we will tell you, if we believe another option is more appropriate we will discuss that with you and give you our reasoning.

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