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Mobile Websites

Expand your market, engage more users and produce more sales

In the world of today almost everyone seems to be carrying their entire life in their pocket – on their smart phone.

This trend is only going to continue and if the pundits are correct, accelerate.

More and more of your potential customers are using smart phones and other mobile devices to access the internet.  Current statistics show that two thirds of smart phone users are using their smart phones to search on Google.

A mobile website is a website designed specifically for the small screens of a smart phone.  Generally mobile websites present their pages in narrow columns and are often cut-down versions of a business’s regular website.

A mobile website makes it easy for a smart phone user to read and navigate content and avoids the frustration experienced when attempting to read the content from a regular website on a small screen.

In the mobile world of today you need to ask yourself – “Is my business missing out on sales opportunities because you don’t have a mobile compatible website?”

At iNet we can provide you with information and advice on mobile websites.

At iNet we can design and optimise the mobile version of your website. We include your most crucial website components to create an easily visible and simplified version of your existing website.

iNet mobile websites help our clients to be found on the internet by all users on all devises and enhance their sales opportunities.

All iNet Mobile websites feature:

  • Easily viewed and read pages
  • Video compatibility with Smart Phones
  • Instant call and connect
  • Give you freedom from your desktop
  • Provide redirection from your standard site to your mobile website
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