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Is social media marketing a necessary strategy for businesses today?

The answer is yes.

At iNet we understand social media is an entirely different form of media from traditional marketing and even the more traditional “online” marketing and that it is an alien concept to many traditional business owners.

The other important thing of which business owners need to be aware is that you don’t just have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, to reap any benefit from them you need to be constantly working on them, updating them and attracting genuine “likes” and “followers” to succeed.  Social media is not set and forget.

At iNet we provide our clients with the independent advice that they need on the suitability of social media marketing for their business.

iNet works with our clients to plan the correct social strategy avoiding the common errors that may make your social platform less effective.  A clear strategy is the platform of effective communication and ensures  a mistake is not out there for the whole world to see!

At iNet we adopt a planned approach to social media marketing, part of which is to use tools which maximise the impact and spread of your efforts while minimising the amount of time spent in delivering your messages across multiple platforms.

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