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eCommerce Websites

The anatomy of an effective eCommerce website 

As with any other aspect of a successful business a successful eCommerce website must be built from the ground up and to do that you must start with the right foundations.

You need:

  • The right website
  • With the right features
  • The right eCommerce strategy
  • A solution built for your business
  • Which is backed up by the most advanced technology
  • And serviced by the best available technical support.

The right website

We all know that eCommerce is the largest business growth sector in the world.

In eCommerce you are not competing against your local competitors but also against competitors from all over the world.

Your website is your shopfront and the passing traffic are the people online using the major search engines. Your eCommerce website must:
  1. Feature effective search engine optimisation to place your business highly on search engine page rankings.
  2. Be well designed, look good and be appealing to potential customers – after all it is your online shopfront.
  3. Be simple and intuitive to navigate.
  4. Be scalable to accommodate your needs as your business grows.

The right features

  1. The days are long gone when a business could dabble in eCommerce; it is now a mature, ever growing ever diverse sector that requires constant attention to stay ahead of your competitors. To do this an eCommerce website needs to work and grow with your business. An eCommerce website must
  2. Be designed to attract customers
  3. Be simple to navigate from home or landing page through to checkout
  4. Be secure – a prime concern for all customers
  5. Have page integration through tempting links
  6. Be easily update-able with special offers to keep customers coming back
  7. Have a newsletter function to keep your business at the top of customer’s minds
  8. Be scalable to grow with your business
  9. Have sufficient bandwidth to meet your current and future needs
  10. Have an effective, simple to use content management system.

The right eCommerce strategy

Ecommerce requires a strategy - who are you going to market to and what combination of online marketing tools are you going to use, how are you going to monitor performance?

Your eCommerce partner needs to take the time to get to know your business, your market and what your competitors are doing and devise a strategy based on that and your overall business plans.

It requires ongoing performance monitoring and where necessary adjusting and tweaking.

It is certainly not set and forget or a template solution and the more you put into your marketing strategy the more you can expect to get out of it.

Built for your business

This gets back to the right foundations. To succeed in eCommerce you need your website built to meet the needs of your business not having your business fit the parameters of a template.

It is a simple question – Do you want to control your eCommerce or do you want your website controlling and limiting what your eCommerce strategy is?

Backed by the most advanced technology

Technology is changing on an almost daily basis and if you are not keeping up-to-date you are falling behind your competitors. If your business isn’t focuss on eCommerce you can’t possibly be aware of the latest trends and advances.

At iNet, for example, one of our core tasks is to ensure that we stay abreast of all changes and developments, assess their implications and applicability for our clients and then ensure that, where applicable, those new technologies and strategies are adopted on behalf of our clients. As an example we are at the forefront of the adoption and implementation of mobile websites for our eCommerce clients.

Serviced by the best available technical support

When you have a technical issue or when you need an update you want it done by experienced technicians who know you and your business and you want it done in a professional, timely and efficient manner.

After all downtime is a lost sales opportunity and you need to be sure that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

As we said in our introduction you get what you pay for and you need to work with experts who are focused on your needs.

If you would like to have a discussion or have any questions relating to eCommerce websites please call us on 02 9547 2005.

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