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What's your Social Marketing Mix?

Businesses may use one or all of these social media sites in their marketing mix. They each are differently targeted and perform slightly different functions for businesses.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business

Businesses may use one or all of these social media sites in their marketing mix. They each are differently targeted and perform slightly different functions for businesses.

In this newsletter we will provide an overview of how they each work for businesses and in later editions we will explore them in more depth and look at how they can interact with each other.

Facebook business pages

Facebook has almost one billion users worldwide and about 13 million users in Australia so it is a big audience.

The purpose of a Facebook business page is to expose your business to that audience. Think of it almost as a second, smaller more social website for your business.

Without going into detail – talk to us if you want more – an effective Facebook business page has the following general traits:

1. Has a great and welcoming Welcome Page with custom tabs which utilise Facebook custom tabs.
2. Features great imagery which is relevant to your message.
3. Has a photo strip to socialise your page
4. Provides a thumbnail for your Facebook wall posts – it becomes clearly identifiable as you.
5. Encourages interactivity by posing questions for your Facebook fans – make it social with valuable information.
6. Regularly updated and kept fresh – never static.
7. Engages your fans and make them active contributors.
8. Is rich and engaging by using custom tabs and Facebook applications e.g. YouTube or links to your LinkedIn or Twitter sites.
9. Always has up-to-date relevant and interesting content.
10. Uses the “About” area as an elevator pitch – who you are what is special about you and why you are valuable.
11. Allows fans to post freely on the page.
12. Creates discussions and conversations.
13. And finally and importantly have accurate basic information about their business.

We build, manage and update our clients’ Facebook pages using these core principles.

A Facebook business page is the most commonly used tool in social media marketing.


Twitter is basically a social networking and micro-blogging platform. In short sharp posts Twitter allows you to:.

1. Develop and promote your brand.
2. Interact with customers. 3. Track what people are saying about your business. 4. Develop relationships with other users. .

As with Facebook there are certain elements that an effective Twitter marketing strategy has, these – again without going into too much detail –include:

1. Is giving and don’t set solely out to make money.
2. Talks to and interact with others on Twitter and establish credibility and authority.
3. Using Twitter as a relationship not a one night stand - make sure that you build relationships.
4. Keeps your messages fresh and original – oft repeated messages generally won’t result in sales.
5. Encourages your followers to re-tweet your messages – broadening your reach.
6. Adopts a community approach help others and re-tweet messages where appropriate.

Again you will get out of Twitter what you put into it.- your Twitter account will require constant and regular attention..


LinkedIn is a social media site which focuses on linking professionals and businesses together – it is much more business focussed than social. It is basically business networking online..
If you are involved in B to B relationships or if you sell product or professional services to other businesses using LinkedIn as part of your social media strategy is a very worthwhile strategy..

As an aside recruitment consultants are probably the biggest users of LinkedIn because it provides them with the details of a vast resource of potential job candidates. More and more people with LinkedIn profiles are being recruited these days.

To make the most of LinkedIn you need to:.

1. Complete a LinkedIn profile and complete it fully with as much detail as is required.
2. Connect widely, network widely. 3. Link to your website.
4. Make your page as interesting and compelling as possible. Make yourself sound like you are the man/woman for the job.
5. Be generous in recommending others – what goes around comes around.
6. Join targeted groups; better still start one or more targeted groups. This allows you to connect with the right people.
7. Connect your LinkedIn profile with your other social media business accounts but not any personal or private accounts.
8. Add your business’s corporate profile.

As with Twitter and Facebook success from LinkedIn relates directly to your involvement and sharing with others. The more involved you become the more your profile appears before prospective customers or clients.


The reality is that social media marketing takes time and requires expertise to maximise your investment, if you wish to explore social media marketing talk to us and we can advise what, if any of the platforms are right for your business and the best strategies for you.

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