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Successful search marketing

When we started specialising in search marketing way back in 2006 it was a pretty ad hoc tool and often consisted of little more than inserting some key words amongst the text on web postings.

Fast forward through to 2013 and search marketing involves sophisticated tools and strategies which are designed to enhance a business’s online presence – this is called organic search engine optimisation.

To be successful in search marketing a business needs to work at it and ensure that their online presence stays ahead of its competitors.

Search marketing is not set and forget and the more a business works at it the greater the likelihood that it will be successful.

What are the latest trends in search marketing?

It is generally accepted that search marketing is the most important tool in digital marketing and is regarded as being more successful than either email marketing or paid search marketing.

Search marketing is all about optimising a business’s online presence. These days this often consists of considerably more than a business’s website. Think Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, RSS feeds, LinkedIn and a whole lot more.

The sum of all of this is referred to as a business’s digital footprint.

Undoubtedly the key to maximising the results through a business’s digital footprint is great content published through the right digital mediums.

Think of this form of search marketing as digital public relations for your business.

At iNet we use a three stage approach to maximise the results for our search marketing clients:

1. Getting them to understand the importance of search marketing and devising and committing to a program
2. Selecting the correct digital media for that client
3. Work with the client to create and publish great content via the selected media.

The secret is to ensure that content is fresh and relevant, it contains backlinks and is recognisable by the search engine algorithms. This is the “look at me” factor for search engines.

The other key is to ensure that posted content is regular and that it contains the right key word phrasing.

Key word phrasing is important and its correct usage is as much art as science. Algorithms are now too sophisticated to allow what is referred to as key word stuffing to feature i.e. if your business is selling toilet paper simply including the words “toilet paper”100 times in 200 words won’t achieve any result.

Successful search marketing also involves tracking and measuring the impact of the business’s efforts. As mentioned earlier search marketing is not set and forget and to optimise any results the campaign must be monitored, reviewed and where necessary tweaked. Your business may sit still but we can guarantee that your online competitors won’t be sitting still.

Professional search marketing consultancies have sophisticated tools and techniques to monitor, report and enhance the impact of search marketing campaigns and a business’s online presence generally.

The latest trend in search marketing is what is referred to as “socialising” your content. Simply it is expanding your online reach by coordinating and including any social media presence in your online updates.

All of this works together to lift search engine page rankings and that is what it is all about.

There is a lot in successful search marketing and the keys are commitment and persistence to stay ahead of competitors. It is almost impossible for a business to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments and successful search marketers partner with a specialist search marketing consultancy to achieve the results they require.

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